The History

In 2009, while on a mission trip to Nigeria a group of pastors visited the village of Idi-Amu, a remote village in OYO State. After spending some time with the people there the pastors saw the conditions the villagers had to endure to get water--any water, sometimes walking for miles, they were moved to action. Pastor Joseph Beckhardt was one of those pastors.

When Pastor Joseph Beckhardt returned to the USA, and recognized the burden in his heart for those without fresh water, he created the non-profit organization, LifeWell, to address this need. He and several of the other pastors from the trip committed to having a well drilled in the village of Idi-Amu. A local contractor was hired, and the funds were raised to complete the well. Dedication took place in March 2010. The villagers were drinking fresh water for the first time in their life! The villagers stated over and over again ”Thank you for giving us water, Thank you for giving us life".
Water is the Essence of Life

Imagine just one day without water. No baths or showers, no indoor plumbing, no drinking water and no chance to visit your favorite restaurant. Water is so essential to our daily lives, yet many of the people in these remote villages have never had a single glass of clean water. The LifeWell Inc. organization would like to change that by providing clean drinking water to as many villages as possible.